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Presentations at Storage Expo
Randy Kerns Randy Kerns
"Converged or Integrated Systems - Considering the Landscape"

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Gilles Chekroun Gilles Chekroun
"Technical Overview of Data Center Networks"

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Wessel Gans Wessel Gans
"A Tour of Software Defined Storage"

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Leah ShoebLeah Shoeb
"The latest impact of solid state storage technology and it's latest uses"

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Hans GankemaHans Gankema
"Information is power. How to extract knowledge from Information?"

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Theme 2013: Always ON. IT on Demand
That IT an essential part of the business is, is no longer new. And that employees are not necessarily working in the office and/or on the traditional working hours, is also not new. The reality is that they are always on! But how is it possible that IT is often out of line with the demands of the business?

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